Tink's House is an immersive dining experience and sensory installation where the food and the environment work together to present familiar concepts in an unfamiliar way.

The project unfolds as a series of dinners in a transformed building in downtown Los Angeles. We are constructing four rooms-a bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and den. The point here is to draw on a place typically associated with comfort and warmth: home. Guests dine in groups of eight, the size of a common dinner party. They stay together as they move from room to room, and are served courses in each.

Every room is designed to heighten its specific qualities. For instance, the entirety of the bedroom evokes the soft and plush sensation of a bed, while the dining room gives off a more formal, rigid impression.

The food plays on what one might normally eat in each room, as well as common associations made with the given setting. For example, dishes in the den are inspired by the size, feel, and sound of snack food, while dishes in the kitchen reference leftovers.

We're instituting a name-your-own-price model. In other words, give what you can. We want to open Tink's House to everyone.

Come eat at Tink's House.
Pillow Plate-
with CHOCOLATE CAKE MUSH to finish.
The walls, floors, tables and chairs of the bedroom will be lined with memory foam and sheeting to emulate the textural sensation of a bed. This room will provide an intimate setting for the food served.
All seats are now booked at Tink's House. You will be automatically added to the waiting list for your desired date and party size. Thank you.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the event, we cannot accommodate for dietary restrictions.
If you have any questions or concerns, please email tinkshouseinfo@gmail.com.
thank you for your reservation, we will be in touch shortly.
Kelsey Isaacs, 20, and Jon Sewitz, 19, were born and raised in Los Angeles. Kelsey currently studies painting at the Rhode Island School of Design. Jon has cooked in restaurants all over the world, including Cafe Boulud, Noma, and Wolvesmouth.

They designed this project in an effort to merge their respective areas of interest. Tink's House integrates the fundamentals of painting and cooking--color, form, texture, and flavor--to create a full sensory experience.